About the founder of the foundation "SaliqalyUrpaq (Decent generation)"
Bolat Nazarbayev
Date and place of birth:
March 23, 1953, the village of Shamalgan, Almaty region, KazSSR


Parents, childhood and adolescence

BolatNazarbayev comes from a large family of ordinary workers of a local state farm. He was born in the family of a shepherd AbishNazarbayev (1903-1971) and an agricultural worker AlzhanNazarbayeva (1910-1977).

The boy was born the youngest, therefore, according to Kazakh traditions, caring for his parents and helping with housekeeping fell on his shoulders. The boy's maternal grandfather was a mullah, so from childhood his mother instilled in little Bolat a love of religion and the ideals of helping others.

BolatAbishevich was never ashamed of his origin, on the contrary, he assures that it was it that shaped him as a person and inspired him to achieve heights in business. He is the younger brother of the ex-president of Kazakhstan. Bolat had two siblings Nursultan and Satybaldy (he died in a car accident at the age of 35) and one sister, Anipa.

The father of the family died when the future Almaty philanthropist was only 18 years old. The young guy had to achieve everything in life without outside help.

Education of Bolat Nazarbayev

He began to receive school education in 1960 in his small homeland Shamalgan. After graduating from high school in 1970, he entered a vocational technical school. He received his first professional education in the specialty "Mechanic". Later he worked by profession in his native village.

In 2000 he graduated from the law institute "Themis" in the city of Karaganda with a degree in jurisprudence, lawyer. He is a certified specialist.

Conscription service in the Army

In 1971, BolatNazarbayev received a summons from the local military registration and enlistment office to serve in the Soviet Army. He served as a conscript for two years in the guards military unit of the ground forces of the Armed Forces of the USSR.

Demobilized in 1973. Awarded by the command for diligent service with two awards: "Excellent worker of the Soviet Army" for exemplary service and the badge "Guards".

Family and personal life

Wife:NazarbayevaGulzhanTulegenovna (1955-2020).

After serving in the Army, BolatAbishevich got a job as a driver at the "Pervoemaya" (First May) collective farm near Ushtobe. Here he met his future wife Gulzhan. According to Nazarbayev's memoirs, he immediately liked the girl and after a while he took her to meet his parents. Like any girl, Gulzhan was afraid not to please the groom's older relatives. According to Kazakh traditions, the mother and grandmother could not approve of the choice of their son and grandson. Gulzhan's fears did not come true, and the family accepted her as their own daughter. On December 4, 1974, the young couple moved to Shamalgan. Here they had a son Nurbol and daughters Gulmira and Kunduz.

Children: AbishevaGulmiraBolatovna (1975), Nazarbaeva Kunduz Bolatovna (1976), NazarbaevNurbolBolatovich (1983).

Married life lasted 50 years. These were years of complete mutual understanding between husband and wife. Unfortunately, on June 29, 2020, Gulzhan died suddenly due to a cardiovascular disease. She was buried in the Shubarat cemetery near Shamalgan.

Children Nurbol Bolatovich and Gulmira live in Almaty. The son served in the law enforcement agencies of Kazakhstan for a long time, today he is a well-known businessman and philanthropist. Daughter GulmiraBolatovna is a civil servant, holds the position of chairman of the Karasai Specialized Interdistrict Administrative Court in Almaty region.
On the initiative of BolatNazarbayev, in 2016, the "SaliqalyUrpaq (Decent generation)" charitable organization was created, which helps the poor people of Kazakhstan and actively participates in the public life of the country.

Career opportunities

Professional life for BolatNazarbayev began after military service in the Army. After demobilization in 1973, a twenty-year-old young man got a job as a mechanic in his native village, devoting 17 years to this profession.

Until 1988, he gradually moved up the career ladder: he was a senior mechanic, foreman, and then was elected deputy chairman of the Shamalgan state farm.

For one year from 1988 to 1989 he was the deputy director of the Kaskelen bakery.

In 1989 he began to engage in entrepreneurship. After leaving his job at the bakery, he decided to develop his own business of harvesting and selling the skins of small cattle. Established a successful sale of its products in Kazakhstan.

The accumulated experience in animal husbandry opened up new prospects for BolatAbishevich: from 1992 to 1997 he was vice president of a large Kazakh agrarian limited liability company "Inkar Agro".

Since 1997, he has been in charge of the personal financial and industrial holding "BN Invest".

On the initiative of BolatNazarbayev, in 2016, the "SaliqalyUrpaq (Decent generation)" charitable organization was created, which helps the poor people of Kazakhstan and actively participates in the public life of the country.


BolatNazarbayev is better known as a patron and philanthropist than as an entrepreneur. Especially in his own region. He regularly provides targeted assistance, pays for medical therapy for those in need, helps the disabled, allocates funds for organizing festive festivities and has been developing the concept of a healthy lifestyle in the region for 10 years now, orphaned children are being brought up under the care of his foundation.

In 2010, the village of Kyzylagash was flooded due to the erosion of the dam and the dam break. Many local residents were left homeless. Then BolatNazarbayev allocated money for the construction of 20 residential buildings for the victims.

The tragic story of the most destructive flood in the history of modern Kazakhstan, which claimed the lives of 45 villagers, greatly influenced the entrepreneur. According to BolatNazarbayev, it was then that he first thought about creating a non-profit organization that would regularly provide assistance to those in need.

Public Foundation "SaliqalyUrpaq (Decent generation)" created on the initiative of BolatAbishevich, regularly allocates money for various charitable initiatives. The work of the fund includes several areas and is divided into separate projects. One of the projects "Charity is a sign of morality". As part of this project, the fund provides 100 poor families with food for 1 year, giving them the opportunity to save on food and save money for other needs. The fund contains the madrasah "Ushkonyr". The project "House of Blessing" works under him, taking care of orphaned children, as well as supporting low-income families. Today, 30 pupils live in the boarding house.

Shamalgan, native to the Nazarbayev family, does not stand aside either. In 2017, within the framework of the "Place of birth" program, which is based on the education of the people of Kazakhstan, a sense of true patriotism, funds were allocated for the construction of 17 new buildings with connection to all necessary engineering networks. Together with new buildings, all communications, including Internet access, were also carried out to other 75 residential buildings.

In early 2020, when the coronavirus pandemic came to the territory of Kazakhstan, "SaliqalyUrpaq (Decent generation)" sent 150,000,000 tenge to health workers involved in the fight against a dangerous disease. After a natural disaster (flood) that occurred in the same spring in the Maktaaral district of the Turkestan region, the fund allocated 200 million tenge for restoration work. In addition, for continuous education in a remote format in connection with quarantine, the fund purchased 1,000 computers for schoolchildren in Almaty and the Almaty region who did not have equipment. With the assistance of the Foundation, the construction of the Taube large mosque in Taldykorgan with a capacity of up to three thousand people was completed. Also in 2020, the foundation decorated the main streets of Shamalgan with 1,000 seedlings of different tree species. In addition, 100 young, talented kari (readers of the Koran) received educational grants in the amount of 300 thousand tenge from the foundation.

At the beginning of 2021, the "SaliqalyUrpaq (Decent generation)" Foundation purchased and donated sewing equipment to the "Zhaiyk" public association of visually impaired people to develop their own business.

Every year, the charitable organization finances mass sports and cultural events, sends children from low-income families to summer/winter camps, distributes food to those in need, and lends a helping hand to other foundations such as Kausar.

B. Nazarbayev's awards

  • The title of "Honorary Citizen of the Karasai District" (2010) for regular support and assistance to their fellow villagers;
  • "Honorary citizen of the Almaty region" (2012);
  • Medals "20 years of the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan" and "25 years of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan" in honor of the contribution to the economic prosperity of the native country;
  • Order "Parasat" (2016). Recognized as one of the outstanding residents of Kazakhstan, supporting the intellectual potential of the Motherland.
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is the head of the Foundation "SaliqalyUrpaq (Decent generation)".
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