December 21, 2020

The Public Fund "Saliqaly Urpaq (Decent generation)" presented 100students of madrasahs with 300 thousand tenge each

The Fund of Bolat Nazarbayev"Saliqaly Urpaq (Decent generation)" presented one hundred future qari (Quran reciters) with grants in the amount of 300 thousand tenge.
"Support for young people has become an annual tradition of the public fund "Saliqaly Urpaq (Decent generation)". We are always ready to help young people who have chosen the difficult path of qari," said KassymKassabekov, director of the Saliqaly Urpaq (Decent generation) Fund.

The grant awarding ceremony was held in several stages and in several cities. The grants were divided among themselves by 50 students and 50 female students studying in different madrasahs of Kazakhstan.

The scholarship holders thanked the Fund of Bolat Nazarbayev and said that they were going to use received grantsfor help to relatives and further improvement of religious literacy.

Let us recall that the Public fund "Saliqaly Urpaq (Decent generation)" pays special attention to the field of enlightenment and education, including spiritual development. Earlier, 3 mosques were built at the expense of the fund in Almaty and Almaty region. In addition, the Fund supplies food to madrasah "Ushkonyr", where 120 students study. In addition, since 2020, Saliqaly Urpaq (Decent generation) has been supporting Kausar Fund, which supports 90 children.

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