March 17, 2021

Needy families will receive food packages from the Fund of Bolat Nazarbayev in honor of Nauryz

Nauryz meiramy symbolizes the awakening of nature, fertility, harmony, the onset of peace and prosperity. Sharing the general joy of the holiday, the "Saliqaly Urpaq (Decent generation)" Fund launched a charity event "Koktemnіn meyirimdіlik korjyny". Within its framework, it is planned to distribute 1,500 food baskets to needy families in Almaty and Almaty region.
On the eve of the bright spring holiday Nauryz, Bolat Nazarbayev Public Foundation "Saliqaly Urpaq (Decent generation)" launched a charity event.

So, the Fund of Bolat Nazarbayev will deliver each family a food basket consisting of three boxes with canned meat, various cereals, flour, butter, confectionery and many others with a total weight of 50 kilograms. Volunteers are involved in the packaging and delivery of the packages

"As you know, the past year was not easy. The pandemic, which shook the whole world, also affected our country. The main goal of the action is to support the part of our society that has been especially affected by the consequences of the pandemic in honor of the spring holiday of Nauryz Meiramy," said the director of "Saliqaly Urpak" KassymKassabekov, congratulating all Kazakhstanis on the upcoming holiday.

Let us recall that Bolat Nazarbayev Public Foundation "Saliqaly Urpaq (Decent generation)" holds a one-year campaign "Kaiyrymdylyk - Adamgershilik Belgisi" for the third year in a row. 100 families from socially vulnerable segments of the population are provided with food from the fund throughout the year. Thus, people have the opportunity not to spend the family budget on products, but to direct them to solve other necessary issues. To date, the fund has distributed more than 1,600 food baskets for 1,189 people.

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