The "HOUSE OF BLESSING" project at the boarding house was founded in 2016 by the BolatNazarbayev Foundation "SaliqalyUrpaq (Decent generation)" in order to reduce the number of orphanages and create a place of temporary accommodation for children in difficult life situations.

Today, more than 30 orphans and children left without parental care live in a friendly, family atmosphere in the boarding house.

The main advantage of the boarding house is a kind, caring atmosphere, close to the family. Boarding house staff, namely mentors, nurse, cooks replace older family members. Mentors help children with their lessons, watching the children reveal their potential, contribute to the growth of the best human qualities and help to form the inner world of children. In addition, they teach children the skills they need for independent living. They also give the children extra lessons in academic subjects.

Azamat Akhmetov
head of progects
The "HOUSE OF BLESSING" boarding house was founded to reduce the number of orphanages and create a place of temporary accommodation for children in difficult life situations
The boarding house has five meals a day. Breakfasts, lunches, afternoons and dinners are prepared by two chefs, taking into account the necessary food for a growing child's body. The varied menu includes products rich in vitamins and nutrients.

For the development of physical health children are given a number of sports clubs. Children are engaged in boxing, kick boxing, swimming, etc. In the future, children perform at competitions of the city level.

A medical worker monitors the general state of the children, provides first aid if necessary, and generally controls the sanitary norms on the territory of the boarding house.

In order to adapt the children to independent life, the boarding house management organizes various activities: trips to the countryside, movies, meetings with famous personalities.

In the three years of "HOUSE OF BLESSING", we have helped more than 60 families in need to provide, raise and educate their children. While at the boarding house, children not only improve their health and learn, but also make lifelong friends.
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