«Religious Projects»

Spiritual development
Bolat Nazarbayev, the founder of the "Saliqaly Urpaq (Decent generation)" Public Foundation, as a religious man, pays special attention to improving religious literacy among the population of Kazakhstan. In this connection the fund implements a number of projects.

Construction and improvement of mosques and madrassas

Since 2016, the foundation "SaliqalyUrpaq (Decent generation)" has built three mosques in Almaty and the Almaty region: for 350 seats, for 1,000 people, as well as in 2020 in Taldykorgan opened a new mosque "Taube" with a capacity of up to 3 thousand worshippers. In addition, the fund was used to repair the madrassa in Aktobe of the "Erkele" foundation and to purchase furniture.

Projects aimed at improving religious literacy and spiritual development
Support for Imams
The fund contributes to increasing religious literacy among the population by supporting six imams working officially in the mosques of the village of Shamalgan. They are paid a monthly salary.

Providing food to madrassa students

Madrassas have been the backbone of enlightenment for centuries. Therefore, the fund supports them as much as possible. Since September 2019, the fund purchases and supplies food for the UshkonyrMadrassah, where 120 students study. In addition, since 2020, "SaliqalyUrpaq (Decent generation)" supports the "Kausar" fund, which supports 90 children.

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