Construction of Houses

March 12, 2020
Construction of Houses for Flood Affected Residents of Maktaaral
With the support of Bolat Nazarbayev's Public Foundation "Saliqaly Urpaq (Decent generation)", construction began of houses for people affected by flooding in the Maktaaral district, after the dam of the Sardoba reservoir broke in Uzbekistan on May 1, 2020. More than 31,000 people were left homeless after the disaster. The President of Kazakhstan guaranteed to help all the victims and provide each family with housing, calling on all citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan to support the Maktaaral residents in whatever way they can.

Касабеков Касым
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Twenty houses are under construction
Twenty houses will be built for the residents of Maktaaral, who suffered from flooding.
The Foundation "Saliqaly Urpaq (Decent generation)" was the first to respond to the call for help. Twenty houses for flood-affected families are already being built with funds from the public fund. The houses are being built in accordance with government-approved construction standards and will be connected to all utilities. The first families are scheduled to move in October 2020.
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