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Social Projects
The activities of the "Saliqaly Urpaq (Decent generation)" Foundation are aimed at comprehensive support of poor and needy people. The assistance of the foundation includes such areas as grants and scholarships for education, payment for medical treatment, assistance with food and other types of charity.
Project - food baskets
Since 2019, the Public Foundation "SaliqalyUrpaq (Decent generation)" has been conducting a charitable campaign to provide 100 families in difficult life situations with food baskets for 1 year. To date, 200 families or 1,189 people are covered by the food.

Lists of recipients are compiled in city and regional akimats and mosques and are submitted to the fund. Every year, the lists of families change, giving the opportunity to cover as many people as possible. The food basket includes such products as: flour, pasta, rice, buckwheat, eggs, cereals, sugar, oil, tea, salt, sweets, potatoes, onions, carrots. This promotion allows families to avoid spending money on groceries for 1 year, but instead spend it on other vital issues or to start their own business, which will help them become economically independent.
Paying for tuition
Another important direction for the foundation is to support talented kids who for some reason do not have the opportunity to pay for their education in college, university or abroad. For these purposes, since December 2018, the foundation has been providing grants and scholarships.

Paying for medical treatment and providing medications
A special focus of the foundation is to help people with health problems. The foundation pays for expensive surgeries and purchases medications. Thus, since December 2018, the foundation has helped 14 people to improve their health.

Campaign "Tegin Taxi (Free Taxi)"
Since 2017, the "SaliqalyUrpaq (Decent generation)" Foundation has held a free cab campaign. As part of the campaign on the holidays International Women's Day on March 8, the cab provides free services to the beautiful half of humanity. On the holiday Nauryz a free cab is launched for all residents and guests of the city. The route runs along RaiymbekBatyr Street from Sayakhat bus station to AltynOrda market.
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